Top 10 Bollywood Songs of the best 70s decade

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Bollywood Evergreen Songs

Though how much ever you shake a leg on ‘dance basantis’ and wrench your heart with the lyrics of a ‘Kabira’, there are some songs which will make you nostalgic and think about the past. The Hindi Film industry leaves  every present and coming generation with some heart warming songs to remember. Out of them, the 70’s made a mark by tuning the youth to the songs of Valentine’s delight, taught us what it is to understand an R.D Burman composition and also took our hearts away with Kumar da’s voice.

Bollywood Evergreen Songs

Read up on some of the famous songs of the 70’s which are still remembered for their composition, flavor and the mood they create:-

Chura Lia Hai Tumne (Yaadonki Baaraat-1973):- The reason to place this song first is simply because it is one of the most popular songs of the Indian cinema. It is even difficult to pretend to ignore the creativity and talent of its amazing composition from the music wizard R. Burman. What is strikingly beautiful about this song is the magical voice of Rafi and Lata which just creates the perfect romantic mood for every special date. One does not even have to  think twice before choosing this song to dedicate it to your loved ones.

Meri Bheegi Bheegi Si (Anamika-1973)-Sanjeev Kumar could not have acted better in this! As a great actor he was, this song is simply for all the admirers of Kishore Kumar. This song is  a true representation of why we adore  the 70’s so much – the reasons being its soulful words. ‘ Aag se naata, naari se rishta …Kaahe man samjah na paya’  (The heart fails to understand that being with a woman is like knitting a relationship with fire ). The trauma  Sanjeev Kapoor’s character faces in the movie could not have been explained in another way.

Oh Mere Dil Ke Chain (Mere jeevan saathi-1972) :- Could there have been a more romantic Rajesh Khanna than this? With young Tanuja lightening the screen with her charming looks, the song could not have appeared any better.  The song is all about love, falling in love and discovering the charm of Kishore Kumar. Also, if you have still not realized the magic of the song then tune into the melody given by R.D Burman. It is sure to make your evening all the more romantic.

Teri Bindiya Re (Abhimaan 1973):- The sole reason to choose this song to be put up in this category is its lyrics. This song is such a unique example of what a loveable flirt from her husband could mean for a wife. With the two legendary actors, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchanadorning this song with their unique presence, it surely gave a lot to the audience to remember.

Chingaari Koi Bhadke (Amar prem-1972):- Another of the beautiful songs from the collection, chingaari koi bhadke is such an ideal representation of the society at those times. Coming from an iconic movie, it was meant to be presented with a powerful combination of lyrics, sound and voice.’ ‘Humse mat poocho kaise mandir toota sapno ka, logon ki baat nahi hai ye kissa hai apno ka’– Do not ask me how my mind filled with dreams got shattered because it is an act of closed ones and not others.”  The chemistry between Rajesh Khanna and Pushpaaa (Sharmila Tagore) adds on to the value of the song.

Kabhie Kabhie (Kabhie Kabhie-1976):-‘Khayyam Sahab’- the man who stole the nation with his ghazals and beautiful play of words. It is a wonderful intermixes of stories, words and a lover’s imagination.  What also adds glamour to the song is the fact that singer Mukesh complements its tone with his voice.  The entire composition of music, singers compiled with the beauty of Rakhee makes this songa delight to all the retro- fans.

Tere Bin Jindagi Se Shikwa (Aandhi -1975):-Take up any situation that exists in a failing relationship. All you want to say to that person in the end is – ‘what happened could not be rectified but all what one needs now is some good time.’ This is the exact component which has been interpreted in the powerful song of a brilliant movie. This song makes you feel closer to that really special person and believe relationships must last longer than every guilt or complaint.

Mai Shair Toh Nahin (Bobby-1973): – For every girl would want tohear this from her lover. The song isspecial for two reasons: – 1) It was the introduction of the smashing couple Rishi Kapoor-Dimple Kapadia on the screen. 2) It gifted the  magical voice of Shailendra to the Hindi Film Industry. There are certain voices which define the singer’s identity in your minds. The song became a huge hit among the masses and Shailendra became an overnight singing sensation.

Jeena Yaha Marna Yaha (MeraNaam Joker-1970):- Is it like even possible to not know this song? A dedication to every Raj Kapoor fan, this song is a creation of the maestros.   It comes directly from the hearts of the duo composer Shankar Jaikishan, who ruled the 70’s with their melodic music compositions. And obviously being the showman as he was called, Raj Kapoor made us believe that ‘ kal khel me hum ho na ho, gardish me tare rahenge sada’-( Though we are not alive tomorrow, we will always be seen through the stars in the sky).

Na Jane Kyon (Choti si Baat -1975):- And to end the list, there is this humble composition by Salil Chaudhury explaining the first few experinces of infatuationand love.  The eternal melody queen  Lata Mangeshkar accentuates the song with her voice and makes it one of the attractive compositions to be delighted in. This film also is one of the most remembered one for Basu Chaterjee’s simple story telling of aboy who constantly tries yet fails to confess his love to a girl. Thus, Na Jane kyon actually spoke for all those at that time who waited to get the ideal chance to see or meet their lover.

Thus, this is one of the beautiful collections of songs from the 70’s for Hindi film industry.  It is also possible sometimes that you may find life’s answers in them. Do listen in.

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