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Watching Roy?

The reviews are bad. Like personally speaking, it’s really horrible. Maybe the movie has got so much sense in it that it doesn’t make sense to us at all. Yes, we are talking about Roy. Frankly speaking, I am yet to come across ANYONE who seemed to like it. Because, let’s face it! Despite the star cast and good promotions, the movie sucked. There was a movie inside a movie and both tried to draw parallels with each other. But all we got was two half-baked, not at all convincing stories, and a handful of bored people around us in the hall, who despite warnings, went there to have the “feel” of it (same goes for me). So if you, too, are in that category, here is a list of things you can do when you finally realise that all the people were right and you get choked in the hall:

Roy Film Review


Provided that you go to the movie by dragging a friend along, you can actually talk about all the stuffs that you always wanted to but didn’t because you thought the other things in life were more important to be done first. But now that you are stuck in the hall, you can’t find anything more important than bring up all those philosophies that were about to rot within you. Went alone? That’s okay. You can always call your friend up.


Help! Bring back your childhood fantasies and all the Mills and Boons you have read. Imagine Arjun Rampal as the Prince Charming you had always wanted and you in place of Jacqueline (or vice versa if you are a guy). Thing about all the places you could go to if you had that shade of the red lipstick which Jacqueline wears. Just daydream. It’s not that bad.

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  1. LAUGH:

When was the last time you actually laughed with your friends? Yes, this is it! You start reliving your old days again. Laugh at all the funny things you could do to a certain scene in the movie. Laugh because Ayesha gets angrier than she should at Kabir. Laugh because both keep on repeating each other’s words and somehow the other is present at that moment to hear it. Laugh at all the things you had forgotten because you grew up and logic came into your life.

  1. LEAVE:

Just leave the hall. Yes we understand that you had spent 300-400 bucks (unless of course you went on a Thursday; smart!). But you’ve got to value your time and brain more than your money. Just leave and do your project/assignment/homework or spend time with your family, before it falls apart. Thank us later.

Also, remember these tips every time any movie turns out to be too sour for taste. It will help you deal with guilt and regret and also make you understand the better utilisation of time.

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